Maxcretes Speed Delivery of Concrete to Corps Job on Columbia River

Project Overview

The Dalles Dam is a hydroelectric dam spanning the Columbia River, two-miles (3 km) east of the city The Dalles, Oregon (it joins Wasco County, Oregon with Klickitat County, Washington). The Dam has been the site of a U.S. Corps of Engineers project to improve survival rates of out-migrating young salmon that pass over the Dam spillway.

The Dalles Dam spillway is the primary downstream passage route for migrating juvenile salmon travelling down the Columbia River. Researchers found in previous studies that the young salmon had low survival rates after passing through the spillway. In 2004, the Corps constructed a short spillway wall (Spillway 5/6) in an attempt to increase survival rates. Unfortunately, even with the short wall, survival rates were still low due primarily to predator fish and birds in the low flow area directly past the spillway that fed on the young disoriented salmon.

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