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Mobile Concrete Mixing

The growth of mobile concrete mixing has been exponential.  As contractors and suppliers are looking for more ways to mix and deliver small batches of the newest mixes (rapid set concrete, lightweight concrete and flowable fill, to name a few), the need for the high quality on-site mixing has grown. To meet this market, Maxon leveraged our extensive history in the concrete industry to introduce the newest addition to the family of products, the Maxon Techcrete.

The patent pending 10 cubic yard Maxon Techcrete is the first mobile concrete mixer to offer a continuous component weighing system with load cells and Maxon’s exclusive on-board batch controls. The result is the only truck-mounted mixer that produces concrete by weight, not volume, for improved quality assurance, reduced operating costs, and improved productivity

Weighing System


Mobile/on-site concrete production has been, up until now, dominated by the Volumetric Mixer business.  But volumetric mixers have an inherent issue, they mix concrete by estimating components using gate openings and screw/conveyor speeds. When the flow rate or bulk density of any component in a volumetric mixer changes (e.g., blockage, “rat hole”, empty bin), the concrete quality will vary.

The Maxon Techcrete eliminates this issue!  The Techcrete is the first truck-mounted mixer to use load cells to independently weigh the sand/aggregate and cement. The Techcrete meters each component into the mixing auger, automatically detecting any variance and adjusts to match the mix design. The Techcrete is not a volumetric mixer. The Techcrete provides superior concrete quality with every load produced.

Easy Control


Contractors and suppliers today want equipment that is easy to operate and reduces  operator errors – enter the Techcrete. To produce concrete, the Techcrete operator selects from the previously programmed mix designs and pushes the start button – quick and easy. No gates and valves to adjust, the Techcrete automatically adjusts feed rates of each component in the mix to always remain within spec.



Reducing the cost of every yard (meter) of concrete produced is foremost on the mind of every contractor and concrete producer.  The precise material delivery system of the Maxon Techcrete allows operators to achieve up to a 10% reduction in cement consumption (no over dosing cement). The Techcrete’s unique proportional load sensing hydraulic valve system requires only a 2.0 gallon hydraulic reservoir, saving weight and cost, while reducing fuel consumption and improving equipment performance.



The Techcrete prints a load ticket displaying the weight of each component utilized (not a theoretical ticket like a Volumetric mixer).  The Techcrete also stores every load produced allowing you to offload the data at the end of the day and utilize the system to track material usage, improve inventory control, and oversee monthly costing.

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