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Maxcrete Conveyor

Intel Chip Plant Utilizes Maxcrete for Concrete Remixing & Placing


Bechtel and Mobile Conveying Services uses Maxon Maxcrete and Telebelt to remix and convey concrete at Intel Chip Plant in Ohio.

Transport Barges for Chicago

Maxcrete Remixes Concrete for Chicago Harbor Lock & Dam


JF Brennan was contracted to repair the Chicago Harbor Lock and Dam floors and used a Maxcrete to remix the concrete for the project.


Maxcretes Used to Create "Carbon Buoys" to Reduce Carbon Footprint


Running Tide uses Maxcretes to create “Carbon Buoys” to reduce carbon footprint in the North Atlantic Ocean in Iceland.

Maxon Agitor Shoulder Concrete Paving with Gomaco Paver

Michels Corp Paves I-94 from Racine to Kenosha with Maxon Agitors


Michels Corp reconstructs and paves 12.6 miles of Interstate 94 in Wisconsin with concrete using multiple Maxon 12 cu yd Agitors.

Transport Barges for SCM

Barge Mounted Concrete Transportation & Placing Systems for New Harry Nice Bridge


Maxon engineered and supplied barge mounted concrete transportation and placing systems for Skanska Corman McLean JV bridge project.

Agitator Car feeding Maxcrete Conveyor

Electric Rail-Mounted Equipment for Atlanta Water Supply Tunnel


Electric Rail-Mounted Maxon Maxcrete and custom Maxon Putzmeister electric BSA120 construct 10′ DIA Atlanta Water Supply Tunnel.

Trailer Mounted Surgecrete

Trio of Maxon Surgecretes Repair Tampa Bay Reservoir


Kiewit utlizies trio of Maxon Surgecretes to repair and rebuild C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir in Tampa Bay, Florida.

30 yr old Maxcrete Operating in Tunnel Project

30 Yr Old Maxcrete Operating in Waterwaste Storage Tunnel


Kenny Obayashi uses 30 yr old Maxon 10yd3 Maxcrete in Hartford, Connecticut Wastewater Tunnel Project.

Agitors and Surgecretes at Panama Canal

Agitors & Surgecretes Advance Expansion of Panama Canal


General Contractor GUPC JV utilizes Maxon Agitors and Surgecretes in the expansion of the third set of locks for the Panama Canal.

Tappan Zee Concrete Placing Barge

Concrete Placing Barges for New New York Bridge


Maxon supplies Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC with two complete concrete placing barges filled with Maxon equipment.

Ajax Paving Using Maxon Agitor

Visit to Michigan Paving Customers


We took a quick safely distanced trip over to Michigan to visit Ajax Paving, Toebe Construction, and Florence Cement and saw some Agitors in action!

MAxcretes on Olmstead

Barge Mounted Maxcretes at Olmstead Locks and Dam Project


Barge-mounted Maxon Maxcretes deliver concrete to placing booms on Olmstead Locks and Dam 52 & 53 for WGA.

Maxon Equipped System Barge Lake Mead

Barge Mounted Maxcretes Supply Concrete 24/7 for 12 Days


Barge-mounted Maxcretes are utlized to supply concrete to the Lake Mead Tunnel Intake #3.

Maxon Agitor discharging to Surgecrete

Maxon Equipment Breaking Guinness World Records


Maxon Agitors and Surgecretes assisted Navayuga Engineering Company Limited when they broke two Guinness World Records on the Polavaram Project in India.

Barge mounted Maxcrete

Barge Mounted Agitors & Maxcretes Construct New Orleans Hurricane Storm Barrier


The new New Orleans area Hurricane and Storm Risk Reduction System utilizes barge-mounted Agitors and Maxcretes.

Barge mounted Maxcrete

Maxcretes Speed Up Dalles Dam Spillway Bay 8 and 9


Barge-mounted Maxon Maxcretes feed off-shore concrete delivery system to build Dalles Dam spillway and save salmon.

Track-Mounted TK70

Maxon Partners with Putzmeister to Create Track-Mounted TK70


Maxon Industries has taken Putzmeister America’s Thom-Katt TK70 trailer pump and created a track-mounted Thom-Katt TK70.

Maxcrete NY East Side Access

Maxcrete Mixes Foam Concrete On East Side Access Project NY


Dragados/Judlau turn to Maxon for a solution to mix and place foamed concrete to fill end of bored tunnel to relaunch TBM.

Maxcrete Solidifies Harbor

Maxcrete Solidifies Dredged Harbor Soils


Waste Solidification contractor Dry Dredge Inc. of Boston, NA utilizes Maxcrete to solidify harbor sludge.

Trailer Mounted Surgecrete

Agitors on Taum Sauk Reservoir Rebuild


Maxon Agitors were supplied to transport and discharge RCC and CVC for the rebuild of Taum Sauk Pumped Storage Dam.

Maxcrete Backfill

Maxcretes Solidifies Mine Tailings for Backfill


Redland Genstar, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland uses Maxon Maxcrete for use in processing mine tailings from a sediment pond

Maxon Agitors for Self-Consolidating-Concrete


Shockey uses a bi-rational, horizontal agitation shaft in their Maxon Agitors for precast SCC panels.

Maxcrete Tunnel TARP Chicago

Agitors & Mobile Maxcrete Solve Chicago Tunnel Challenge


Perini-ICA-O&G J.V. utilize Maxon Agitors and Mobile Maxcretes to solve the Chicago TARP Tunnel Build.

Truck Mounted & Mobile Maxcretes Build Channel for Chilean Mine


Chilean Contractor Ingenieria Civil Vicente S.A. (ICV) builds channel to carry crushed copper ore from inside the mountain to a smelter in the valley.

Mobile Agitor SCC

J.W. Peters Completes Project in Record Time with Mobile Agitor


J.W. Peters used Maxon Mobile Agitors to transport and place SCC for Prestress situations in record time.

Federal Triangle Building "The Rest of the Story..."


Brundage Bone’s “The Rest of the Story…” covers Perini Corps and the build of the Ronald Reagan Building using a Maxon Maxcrete.

Mini-Maxcrete Stabilizing Hazardous Waste at K-25 Facility


IDM Environmental stabilizes hazardous waste at the K25 Facility in Oak Ridge, TN USA with a Mini-Maxcrete.

Agitor NYC Tunnel No 3

Agitors & Maxcretes for NYC Water Tunnel No. 3


Grow-Perini-Skanska J.V. construct New York City’s Water Tunnel No. 3 in a 4 stage process with Maxon equipment.