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Prestress & Precast

For almost 50 years, Maxon has provided innovative concrete transportation solutions for precast/prestress producers.  When quality concrete and production are of utmost importance, prestress yards across the globe turn to the experts at Maxon.  With unmatched haul capacities (up to 12 yd3 /9 m3) and innovative placement and transportation vehicles, the Maxon Agitor is the ideal unit for prestress yards.  Maxon offers a wide variety of solutions from conventional truck mounted Agitors for large precast operations, to the Maxon Mobile Agitor, a four wheel drive, four wheel steer vehicle with 20’ (6.1m) conveyor for direct placement to tall and wide forms.  Only Maxon offers all of this and an agitated haul body to ensure perfect concrete with every load.



The industry standard for years has been a transporter with inherent issues: minimal load capacity (6 yd3 /4.5 m3), a non agitated haul body, and a short/enclosed screw auger discharge. The Maxon Mobile Agitor hauls more concrete (up to 12 yd3 /9 m3), provides an agitated haul body for the best quality concrete, and a belt conveyor with lengths up to 25’ (7.6m) to place to taller and wider forms than ever before. With an elevated operator platform (for better visibility) and four wheel drive/steer and optional crab steer, the Maxon Mobile Agitor offers a unique combination of features making it the ideal unit.



Specialty precast operations turn to the experts at Maxon for engineered solutions to their concrete and SCC transportation and placing problems. For a precast railroad tie manufacturer, Maxon supplied a self-propelled skid mounted Agitor to transport and place concrete directly to forms.  The Agitor and skid are quickly “flown” between precast concrete beds, allowing rapid placement of multiple beds in a single day.

Superior Reach


With double tee forms as wide as 15’ (4.6m), Prestress firms look for innovative equipment solutions to place concrete and SCC (Self-Consolidating Concrete) to the farthest reaches of their forms.  The truck mounted Maxon Agitor with optional Maxon Maxslide allows the Agitor to pivot outside of the truck footprint for extended reach. The Agitor’s high discharge point and multiple chutes allow it to easily place concrete to tall and wide forms.  

Custom Solutions


In addition to conventional truck mounted Agitors, Maxon offers custom equipment configurations for special placing on prestress projects. Shown above, is a Maxon Agitor mounted on a customized truck chassis, complete with radial stacking belt conveyor. The unit is ideal for high and wide forms requiring a placer with longer reach.

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