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Concrete Paving

Maxon manufactures a complete line of concrete transportation equipment for highway paving, city and street paving, barrier wall, slipform and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). Since the 1930’s the name Maxon has been synonymous with concrete paving with products that included the Maxon Concrete Spreader, the Maxon Mixer, Side Dump, Dumpcrete and the Maxon Agitor. Today, paving contractors rely on the Maxon Agitors for rapid concrete delivery and precise placement to slipform pavers, placing conveyors or direct to grade. Contractors can rest assured that the Maxon Agitor is guaranteed to agitate its rated capacity and certified to meet ASTM Specification C-94 latest revision.

Highway, City & Street


The Maxon Agitor has been widely accepted in the concrete paving industry for over 7 decades. Where speed and ease of use are critical, the Maxon Agitor is the ideal unit for all aspects of concrete paving.

The open top allows Agitors to be rapidly loaded from all central mix concrete plants. The wide discharge gate and hoisting body provide ultra fast discharge. From main line concrete paving to placing concrete for shoulders and off ramps, the Agitors extra wide chutes allow contractors to accurately place concrete directly where it is required.



When equipment cycle times are critical to overall production rates on concrete airport runway and tarmac paving, on site central mix plants feed open top Agitors at maximum speed.

Agitors can discharge 12 yd3 (9 m3) of concrete in as little as 20 seconds to a belt placer or direct to grade through chutes.  The Maxon Agitor offers contractors the speed and ability to handle low slump concretes that they get with dump trucks, and the control of placement they get with transit mixers.

Barrier Wall, Curb & Gutter


Low slump concrete mixes, frequently utilized with slip form paving, can be difficult for conventional truck mixers to handle – but not for the Maxon Agitor.

 Today’s Agitors include step down agitator shafts, larger shell openings, and wider gates, allowing Agitors to easily feed even zero slump concrete to pavers.

Federal Bridge Law


Where Federal Bridge Laws limit contractors legal haul capacities, Maxon offers the Maxslide, a trailer mounted Agitor that can legally haul up to 12 cubic yards of concrete.

 The trailer extends in length to maximize wheelbase, but can be quickly retracted for easy mobility on job sites. And, as always, Maxon can assist with specifying and supplying conventional truck chassis with lift axles as well, working with all the major chassis manufacturers.

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