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Environmental Solidification

Maxon offers a complete line of equipment to process, stabilize, solidify, and encapsulate a wide array of waste materials, economically and efficiently.  The Maxon Maxcrete is an open top paddle / pugmill style mixer with a bi-rotational agitator shaft to ensure a quality mix. Units are available with either single or twin shaft agitators, in cubic capacities from 1 yd3 (.5m3) to 20 yds (16m3).

 Maxon offers engineered solutions including material handling equipment (belt conveyors/screw augers/silos), automated batching (load cells and processing computers) for either permanent (in-plant) or on-site remediation.  Maxon equipment has been utilized in the ex-situ remediation of hundreds of sites from industrial wastes and dredged sediments to radioactive and hydrocarbon contaminated Superfund Sites. Whether you are looking to mechanically bind materials for disposal, or convert them to a less soluble form, the experts at Maxon have the complete solution to handle your liquid and solid waste streams.

On-Site Solidification

On Site Solidification

Maxon offers skid and trailer mounted units for on-site processing and solidification of waste streams.  With units up to 20 yd3. Maxon offers solutions that allow contractors to easily move the entire system from site to site, or around the project. Maxon’s full line of open top pugmill style mixers allow contractors to quickly mix liquid and semi-solids materials at contaminated sites with a solidification agent (cement, fly ash, or similar).

  Mixers are available with either diesel or electric power units and can include material handling equipment as well (inducing silos and belt/screw auger conveyors). Shown above, a 2 yd3 (1 m3) trailer mounted Maxon Mini-Maxcrete equipped with 55 gallon barrel loader mixes sludge waste with a proprietary solidification agent allowing resulting product to pass a paint filter test (no free liquids) prior to landfill disposal.

Waste Encapsulation

Waste Encapsulation

In addition to solutions for waste solidification (mixing waste with cement or fly ash to form a solid matrix similar to concrete to physically bind the waste) Maxon offers  mixers/pugmills to encapsulate and stabilize waste streams as well.  Stabilization is a process in which waste streams are mixed with reagants to create a chemical reaction transforming pollutants to less mobile/insoluble species, thus eliminating the potential for contaminated lechate from landfills.

The high shear action inside the Maxon Maxcrete pugmill is ideally suited to allow contractors to mix reagents with the waste stream creating a homogeneous mix encapsulating the waste. Above, heavily contaminated soils are mixed in 10 yd3 Maxon Maxcrete (7 m3) with proprietary reagant  at East-coast EPA Superfund site prior to offsite disposal.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Soldification

Disposal of expired and unused pharmaceuticals is a worldwide public health issue.  In remote locations, where “inexpensive” disposal occurs in uncontrolled landfills, pilfering and diversion occur for drug misuse and contaminated leachate (water that comes in contact with landfill waste) pollutes drinking water.

  To combat these issues Maxon offers complete systems for the guaranteed safe disposal of unusable pharmaceutical products through cement-based encapsulation.  The Maxpro SPU from Maxon combines granulation with solidification – tablets/pills/capsules are rendered unusable and then encapsulated into an inert form for landfill.  Complete systems from Maxon include equipment for product preparation, material loading and charging, shredding/granulation, mixing and disposal container handling.

Fixed Installation

Fixed Install Solidification

When industrial manufacturers and waste processing facilities are looking for complete waste handling systems to incorporate within their existing building footprint, they turn to the experts at Maxon. In-plant operation allows sludge and liquids to be pumped directly to the Maxon mixer, reducing material handling and storage issues.

Maxon offers advanced AutoCAD (2D), Solidworks/Inventor (3D) renderings for easy integration with existing manufacturing and processes.  The result is an integrated on-site solution to process liquid and semi-solid wastes.

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