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Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization is the modification of existing soils to enhance their physical properties. In-situ Stabilization increases the shear strength of soils while also controlling the shrink-swell properties, thus improving the load bearing capacity of a sub-grade to support pavements.  Since the early 1940’s, the Seaman Travel Mixer manufactured by Maxon has offered contractors, municipalities, state, governmental and military agencies a competitively priced soil stabilizer ideal for onsite mixing of sub-base materials. The Travel Mixer offers contractors an alternate to the larger and more expensive soil stabilizers in the market including Bomag, Caterpillar, CMI and Wirtgen.  The Seaman Travel Mixer is a highly maneuverable soil stabilizer, ideal for city streets, parking lots, residential and rural roads, and subdivisions.

Lime, Cement, & Fly Ash


For years, contractors have utilized lime, cement and fly ash to improve the load bearing characteristics of base layers for road building. Lime, utilized where clay soils are prevalent, reduces plasticity and moisture-holding (drying soils) while improving stability. 

The Seaman Travel Mixer from Maxon takes advantage of the hydration and flocculation process when blending lime and moist clay soil, increasing the soil strength and improving shear strength by as much as 20x.  When utilized with cement (as well as flyash), the Travel Mixer can be utilized with even a wider range of soil types to increase strength and density.



When looking to dry moist soils and pulverize and mix various sub surface layers, contractors look to the Seaman Travel Mixer from Maxon to provide homogenous mixing.  The Travel Mixer allows contractors in single or multiple passes (depending on required depth of stabilization) to pulverize and blend multiple sub surface components to provide a high degree of uniformity.

Bituminous Stabilization

Sub Base

To increase the cohesiveness of road sub-base materials, contractors often blend bituminous materials as a binder with the pulverized material. 

The Seaman Travel Mixer from Maxon, with its liquid direct injection system, pumps liquid bitumen directly into the mixing chamber allowing for thorough in situ blending with the pulverized materials.  The resulting homogenized materials after compaction creates a better load bearing surface on to which an additional wear surface can be laid to create the final road.

Full Depth Reclamation


Contractor looking to reutilize the materials from existing road surface and sub-base of primary and secondary roads scarify and blend existing layers to create a load barrier surface on which to place a new wear surface. 

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) involves scarifying and then blending of materials. For over 70 years, contractors and municipalities have turned to the Travel Mixer as an economical alternative to large reclaimers for small and midsized projects.  Road beds are scarified, and then the Travel Mixer through single or multiple passes blends and pulverizes road base (sometimes in conjunction with a stabilizing agent/binder) to create a homogenous compactable road base.

Did you know?

The Seaman Travel Mixer has been approved for use in Military applications and has completed First Article Testing with many agencies including: TACOM, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Seabees.  With removable ROPS/FOPS, and optional lifting and tie-downs, the Travel Mixer is air transportable including C130 and C141 Military Aircraft.


In the 1990’s, Maxon also purchased the Rex Pulvimixer and the Pettibone Speed Mixers line, and continues to supply parts for those soil stabilizers as well.

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