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Dams & Civil

Many of the world’s major civil projects have used Maxon equipment to transport and place structural concrete, roller compacted concrete (RCC) and large-aggregate concrete. Since the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam in the 1930’s, truck mounted Maxon concrete transporters have been used for large pour concrete projects including dams / spillways / powerhouses, nuclear power plants, foundation mats, and many other projects requiring mass concrete pours.

Today, Maxon offers a full line of concrete transporters and surge hoppers.  The truck mounted Agitor offers contractors the ability to agitate and transport any concrete mix and feed surge hoppers (Maxon Maxcretes / Surgecretes), concrete pumps, buckets, and conveyors or direct to grade. Insulated transporters (Maxon Agitor or Dumpcrete) maintain concrete temperatures of super cooled or ice concrete utilized in large lifts/mass pours. While the Maxon Maxcrete and Surgecrete allow any transporter to offload at maximum speed while ensuring the best quality product to concrete pumps and belt conveyors/Telebelts.

Structural Concrete


For large structural projects, and oversized matt pours, Maxon manufactures a complete line of custom equipment for mixing/remixing concrete and providing surge capability to concrete buckets, pumps or conveyors.  Applications include bridge, high-rise, and tunnel construction.



Maxon provides engineered systems to place RCC for dam constructions. Complete systems include overland and mobile conveyors, batch plants and transporters. No firm offers more production, transportation and placing equipment solutions, providing years of experience and full industry integration.

Grout Enriched RCC


Maxon provides equipment for transporting and placing RCC dams (Agitor or Dumpcrete) as well as placing the conventional (CVC) or grout enriched facing (GE-RCC or GEVR).

The Maxon self propelled Mobile Maxcrete is the perfect tool for placing grout enriched RCC or structural concrete for the downstream/upstream face of RCC dams.  The Mobile Maxcrete can be charged with RCC and grout separately, allowing the Mobile Maxcrete to mix, transport and place the GE-RCC while not interrupting the RCC plant production and placement.

Large Aggregate


For concrete mix designs with aggregate as large as 6” (150mm), Maxon offers both agitated (Agitor) and non-agitated (Dumpcrete) truck mounted concrete haul bodies.

Only Maxon offers the Swing Away High Dump Chutes allowing Agitors and Dumpcretes to place concrete to tall buckets/hoppers and then quickly swing the main chutes over and place direct to grade on the same project.  To maximize Telebelt production, Maxon offers the Surgecrete with its oversized hopper allowing transporters to offload at maximum speed.

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