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Marine & Offshore

Maxon is the industry leader in providing concrete construction equipment for major marine projects across the globe including the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Lake Mead Water Intake Tunnel and Mario Cuomo Bridge. Maxon Agitors and Maxcretes combine to offer customers a complete concrete transportation and placing solution when working on bridges, cofferdams, locks, channels, or footing and foundation work for underwater (tremie) concrete placement. Barge mounted Agitors are the perfect solution to transport concrete from shore to pour site, while the Maxon Maxcrete offers customers a remix surge hopper to feed concrete to boom pumps, trailer pumps, placing booms and concrete buckets.

Barge Transporters


Maxon barge mounted concrete transport systems include Agitors with diesel or electric power packs, platforms, conveyors and wash down systems.  The open top Maxon Agitor, available with haul capacities up to 20 yd3 (15 m3), can be easily loaded from shore directly or with a concrete pump / conveyor.

To ensure that the concrete does not segregate during longer transit times, the Agitor is equipped with a horizontal agitation shaft. Individual or multiple Transport Barges can be equipped with one to eight Agitors, allowing contractor to deliver up to to 100 yd3 (76m3) per hour. Agitors include hoisting bodies for rapid discharge and placing chutes to discharge directly to the concrete pump, bucket, belt, or to the Maxcrete Remix Surge Hopper on the Placing Barge. For the New Orleans Hurricane Barrier Wall, barge mounted Agitors transported 20 yd3 (14m3) of concrete and feed concrete directly to the concrete pump at the placing site.



Placing concrete for underwater/off-shore applications brings its own set of issues.  The experts at Maxon have unique equipment solutions for under water tunnels, oil platforms, pilings and piers, docks, dams and other civil applications. From tremie pours to structural form pours in cofferdams, Maxon has the right equipment to meet your challenges.  

For the Lake Mead Water Intake Tunnel, Maxon engineered and supplied the full array of barge mounted concrete placing equipment for the 250+ hour, 12,000 yd3 (9000m3) pour. 

Remix Surge Hoppers


To maximize production rates and ensure the best quality concrete, Marine contractors rely on the Maxon Maxcrete Remix Surge Hopper on the Placing Barge.  The open top Maxcrete allows contractors to rapidly off load any concrete transporter (Agitor, ready mix truck, or bucket) and return, reducing cycle times.

 No waiting for the entire load to be pumped off. Contractors know that poor quality concrete can bring pumping/placing operations to a stop. The Maxcrete is the only ASTM/ACI rated concrete remixer that allows contractors to retemper or introduce additives at the placing site, ensuring a consistent quality with every yard poured.  An infinitely variable hydraulic discharge gate allows contractors to match the Maxcrete discharge rate to that of the concrete pump or conveyor on the Placing Barge.

Custom Solutions


Have a complicated pour or a mix design that’s hard to work with? Need a complete solution from shore to placement, or perhaps a short term rental of your concrete placing system? Maxon offers engineered solutions with experience from thousands of applications.

 Utilize Maxon’s extensive background in concrete placing systems to arrive at the best solution for your project.  Over the past few decades, Maxon has collaborated with all the major material handling firms, allowing contractors to use Maxon as the preeminent single source of knowledge on concrete handling for marine applications. For the Mario Cuomo Bridge, Maxon engineered a complete barge mounted concrete production system capable of mixing and placing 300,000 yd3 (230,000m3) over 3 years. 

Barge Mounted Agitors


Traylor Massman Weeks utilized barge-mounted Maxon Agitors on the New Orleans area Hurrican and Storm Risk Reduction System. There were three barges with two 10 cu yd Agitors each. The Agitors were powered with an independent diesel power pack allowing them to agitate concrete while in transit for the 1+ mile trip to the placing site.

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