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Tunneling, Mining, and Shotcrete

From the mass transit tunnels of New York City and Los Angeles to the sub-surface mines of Africa, the experts at Maxon have assisted a full range of tunnel and mine projects worldwide.  Maxon provides complete equipment solutions including skid, rail and rubber tired equipment for placing structural concrete, grout, shotcrete and foamed concrete. Maxon’s breadth of knowledge includes small and large bore tunnels, slip formed inverts, segmental section tunnels, cast in place (in-situ) lining and sprayed shotcrete.  Tunneling and Mining contractors turn to Maxon for hauling and placing ground support materials in rail car mounted or rubber tired vehicles/mine chassis as well as material handling equipment (belt conveyors and screw augers).

Large Bore Lining


When pouring full round large bore tunnels, over 20’ (14m) in diameter, contractors rely on Maxon engineered solutions including transporters and remix surge hoppers.

 Maxon can develop a complete solution for your tunnel project including: multiple/coupled concrete haul bodies (Maxon Agitors), remix surge hoppers (Maxon Maxcretes), concrete pumps, and scissors placers.  The experts at Maxon have collaborated with tunneling contractors worldwide to reduce cycle times and place concrete at record speed.

Small Bore Lining


Maxon has developed a comprehensive line of concrete transportation and placement equipment for small bore applications under 16’ (5m) in diameter.

Maxon’s open top concrete haul bodies (Agimax), complete with agitator shafts, discharge gates, and electric or diesel drive options provide underground contractors with a faster, safer, more efficient means of placing concrete.  Maxon also offers revolving drum mixers (Maxon Transmixer) for mounting to mine chassis or rail cars.

Invert & Sidewalk


For placement of tunnel invert or sidewalks for mass transit tunnels, Maxon offers the Mobile Maxcrete. Units are highly adaptable to various undergrounds applications with either canted (buffed) tires for driving on the curved precast tunnel surface or solid rubber tire for driving on the flat paved invert.

The Mobile Maxcrete is the only vehicle that can travel up to 10 mph, transport up to 10 cubic yards of concrete, remix, agitate and place directly to the invert, into forms or in front of a paver. The self propelled chassis is bi-directional, with an operators’ platform located to provide maximum visibility in all directions.

Mining & Shotcrete


Placement of ground support within excavated mine caverns requires a compact unit designed to handle the rigors of underground applications.  Maxon offers solution to contractors looking for either open top haul bodies (Maxon Maxcretes) or conventional drum mixers (Maxon Transmixers) in sizes from 2 yd3 (1m3) to 10 yd3 (7m3).

 Maxon units can be are engineered for direct installation to mining chassis including Getman, Wagner, Jarvis Clark, RDH and Emco. Maxon custom built haul bodies are the ideal solution for multiple applications, including: hauling and placing shotcrete, structural concrete, slurry, grout, and flowable fill.

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