Continious Component Weighing System

The Maxon Techcrete is “The Evolution of Mobile Concrete Mixing”. The Techcrete is the first truck-mounted mixer to use load cells to independently weigh the sand/aggregate and cement. The Techcrete meters each component into the mixing auger, automatically detecting any variance and adjusts to match the mix design. The Techcrete is not a volumetric mixer. Volumetric mixers estimate components using gate openings and screw/conveyor speeds. When the flow rate or bulk density of any component in a volumetric mixer changes (e.g., blockage, “rat hole”, empty bin), the concrete quality will vary. The Techcrete provides superior concrete quality with every load produced.

On-Board Processor

Maxon’s on-board batch control not only provides quality assurance, but also allows owners to program the unit with multiple mix designs accessible at the press of a button – increasing productivity and reducing operator error. No need to adjust gates, change sprockets or shift valves to change mix designs like a volumetric mixer. The processor also stores every load produced allowing owners to offload the data at the end of the day and utilize the system to track material usage, improve inventory control, and oversee monthly costing.

Quick and easy

To produce concrete, the Techcrete operator chooses the mix design and pushes the start button. The Techcrete automatically adjusts feed rates of each component in the mix. The precise material delivery system allows operators to achieve up to a 10% reduction in cement consumption. After each pour, the Techcrete prints out a load ticket displaying actual weight of components, actual cement-to-water ratio and total yards produced. In contrast, a volumetric mixer estimates components using gate openings and screw/conveyor speeds and prints out a “theoretical output”.

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Additional Features

Industry leading design features include the Techcrete’s unique proportional load sensing hydraulic valve system. The system requires only a 2.0 gallon hydraulic reservoir, saving weight and cost. Load sensing hydraulics reduce fuel consumption while improving equipment performance. And, the system allows the Techcrete to produce variable production rates from 1 to 60 yards an hour, providing customers with concrete on demand, exactly at their desired pour rate. Techcrete applications include: paving, precast, foam/cellular/flowable fill, marine/offshore placement, bridge deck, and municipal and government contract work.

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