Concrete Paving

Maxon supplies equipment for highway paving, city and street paving, barrier wall, slipform and roller compacted concrete. Since the 1930’s the name Maxon has been synonymous with concrete paving. Over the past 75 years, equipment has included the Maxon Concrete Spreader, the Maxon Mixer, Side Dump, Dumpcrete and the latest development, the Maxon Agitor. The Maxon Agitor accepts concrete from any plant, and can quickly discharge to slipform pavers, or direct to grade. If you are mixing, transporting or placing concrete, call Maxon.

Heavy and Civil Concrete Placement

Many of the world’s major civil projects have used Maxon equipment to transport and place structural concrete, roller compacted concrete (RCC) or mass-aggregate concrete. Since the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam in the 1930’s, truck mounted Maxon concrete transporters have been used for large pour concrete projects including dams, powerhouses, nuclear power plants, airports, foundation mats, and many other projects requiring mass concrete pours. The Maxon Agitor offers contractors the ability to agitate and transport any concrete mix and feed concrete pumps, buckets, and conveyors or directly to grade.

Prestress and Precast Concrete Structures

The first Prestress application with the Maxon Agitor was in the 1970’s with Stanley Structures in Denver, CO. The Agitor is the perfect concrete transporter and placer for large precast operations. Maxon recently introduced the Mobile Agitor, a four wheel drive, four wheel steer vehicle capable of maneuvering in tight precast yards, while being able to haul up to 12 cubic yards of structural concrete or self-consolidating, self-compacting concrete (SCC). Unlike any other concrete transporter, the Mobile Agitor offers an elevated operators platform for better vision and conveyors up to 20’ to reach 15’ double tees.

Tunneling and Mining Concrete and Shotcrete

Maxon specializes in custom designed equipment for transporting and placing concrete and grout for underground construction and ground support applications. Equipment includes skid, rail and rubber tired mounted equipment for placing structural concrete, grout, shotcrete and foamed concrete. Underground projects include small and large bore tunnels, slip formed inverts, segmental section tunnels, cast in place (insitu) lining and sprayed shotcrete. Multiple units can be set up on rail or custom designed to fit on most mining chassis. If you are using concrete underground, Maxon has a solution for your needs.

Marine & Offshore

Maxon Agitors and Maxcretes combine to offer customers a complete solution for concrete placement when working on bridges, cofferdams, locks, channels, or footing and foundation work for underwater concrete placement. Over the years, Maxon equipment has been used on major projects including the Prince Edward Island project and the San Francisco Bay Bridge replacement. Barge mounted Agitors are the perfect solution to transport concrete from shore to pour site, and the Maxon Maxcrete offers customers a remix surge hopper to feed concrete to boom pumps, trailer pumps, placing booms and concrete buckets.

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Mobile Concrete Mixing

Maxon uses their extensive history in concrete industry to introduce the newest addition to the family of products, the Maxon Techcrete. The patent pending 10 cubic yard Maxon Techcrete is the first concrete mixer to offer a continuous component weighing system with load cells and Maxon’s exclusive on-board batch controls. The result is the only truck-mounted mixer that produces concrete by weight, not volume, for improved quality assurance, reduced operating costs, and improved productivity

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