Seaman Model TO730-H Travel Mixer

The first and best known Soil Stabilizer in the world, the Seaman Travel Mixer has been around since the 1940’s. The Travel Mixer offers increased horsepower, greater mixing depth and improved performance from past models. Capable of mixing to 12” depths, the Travel Mixer offers a competitively priced soil stabilizer ideal for contractors, municipalities, state, governmental and military agencies for onsite mixing of sub-base materials.

Unit shown at left: At Jobear/Warden Construction in Florida, parking lot sub-base stabilization.

Seaman Travel Mixer Applications

Lime, Cement and Flyash Soil Stabilization.
Road sub-base chip seal stabilization.
Cold mix manufacturing and cold patch.
Erosion control, root and brush removal.
Sand and clay blending for road base.
Road shoulder improvement.
In-situ hazardous waste solidification.

Unit shown at left: In City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, chip seal road stabilization and reconstruction.

Travel Mixer Features

Stabilizes 84″ wide (2134 mm)
Mixes up to 12″ deep (305 mm)
Direct drive, no chains or sprockets
PTO driven, 1000 RPM
Rugged all gear rotor drive
Hydraulic Rotor and Hood Lift
Hydraulically operated tail board to control mixing action.
Quick disconnect for maximum utilization of prime mover.

Unit shown at left: With rotor lifted and tail board fully opened.

Travel Mixer Model K Prime Mover Features

Cummins 152 H.P. Turbo Diesel Engine.
Heavy Duty Tubular Frame.
Poclain hydrostatic two speed ground drive: up to 12 MPH travel, 4 MPH working speed.
Four point tie down system.
Quick Disconnect rear mixer feature.
Locking front toolboxes.

Unit shown at left: At FAA airport runway test facility for concrete pavement.

Travel Mixer Options

Highway lighting package.
High flotation tires and rims.
Cab with locking doors, A/C and heater (shown in picture).
Fire extinguisher
Additive system with pump, spray bar and control system for direct injection of liquids into mixing chamber (shown in picture).
Cold weather package
Backup alarm, Radio, Calcium filled tires.

SEAMAN Travel Mixer

For over 50 years, Seaman has lead the market with soil stabilization technology. The TO730H-K is a highly maneuverable soil stabilizer. Ideal for city streets, parking lots, residential and rural roads, and subdivisions.

The Travel Mixer offers contractors an alternate to the larger and more expensive soil stabilizers in the market including Bomag, Caterpillar, CMI and Wirtgen.

Maxon also supplies parts and service for the Rex and Rexnord Pulvimixer and the Pettibone Speed Mixers.

Travel Mixer Kit mounted on alternative prime movers

The Seaman Travel Mixer Kit can be installed on many existing prime movers. A sample of models are listed below, contact Maxon for a more complete list:
Challenger 600 Series
Case 7100 and 5200 Series
John Deere 700 Series
IH- 1066 and 3488 Series
Ford TW
Kit requires 150 H.P. minimum, 1000 rpm output, and hydrostatic drive, or “creeper” gear

Unit shown at left: Mounted on Challenger 655.

Military Applications

The Seaman Travel Mixer has been approved for use in Military applications and has completed First Article Testing with many agencies including:
Air Force
With removable ROPS/FOPS, and optional lifting and tie-downs, the Travel Mixer is air transportable including C130 and C141 Military Aircraft.

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