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Maxcrete Mixes Foam Concrete in Tight Confines of New York Tunnel

Dragados/Judlau JV East Side Access

Maxon Maxcrete is loaded from shore

New York, USA




The East Side Access Project required a unique solution to redirecting the hard rock TBM at a critical intersection linking the Long Island Railroad Commuter Train Line tunnel to the tunnel leading to Grand Central Station. The Joint Venture of Dragados/Judlau turned to Maxon for a solution to mix and place foamed concrete on-site below ground to temporarily fill the end of a previously bored tunnel so that the TBM could be relaunched in a new heading.

Redi-mix concrete was delivered to the corner of 52nd Street and Park Avenue by Ferrara Bros. Building Materials Corp. in 10 yard transit mixers. The concrete was then chuted below ground approximately 140 feet to the Maxon Maxcrete positioned on the subway rail siding.

Chuted Concrete

At the same time the concrete was chuted into the Maxcrete, the white foaming agent supplied by Cellular Concrete LLC, was simultaneously injected. The agent increased the volume of the concrete by 30% reducing the number of transit mixers loads needed, and provided a low density concrete that after being placed could be easily broken out later on.

Barge mounted concrete production

The electrically powered Maxcrete was supplied with an operator’s platform, to allow the operator to view the agitator of the Maxcrete while simultaneously controlling both the Maxcrete and the pump. The multi-speed, reversible agitator within the Maxcrete allowed the operator to continuously mix the foam concrete while discharging into the Putzmeister 14000 trailer pump hopper.

Barge mounted concrete production

The foam concrete was then pumped 1,000 feet to an end section of the previously TBM bored tunnel. Two bulkheads were installed and this end section was filled with the foam concrete. Once the section was backfilled, the JV relaunched the TBM on its new heading. The cured foam concrete allowed the TBM to grip the sides of the cured foam concrete section while allowing the TBM to proceed on its new heading. Once the TBM was clear of the intersecting tunnels, the remaining low density foam concrete was easily cleaned up with a road header.

Upon completing the foam concrete production, the JV continued to utilize the versatile Maxcrete surge hopper in numerous applications including feeding shotcrete and trailer pumps (placing in situ concrete tunnel lining).

Barge mounted concrete production