Highway Paving

The Maxon Agitor has been used for concrete paving for almost 50 years. The Agitors open top, hoisting body and wide gate opening insure ultra fast discharge. The extra wide chutes allow contracts to place concrete directly where it is required.

City and Street Paving

The Maxon Maxslide offers contractors a trailer mounted Agitor that can haul up to 12 cubic yards of concrete and meet Federal Bridge laws. The trailer extends in length to maximize wheelbase, but can be quickly retracted for easy mobility on job sites.

Barrier, Wall, Curb and Gutter

The Maxon Agitor is the only concrete haul body that can quickly discharge zero slump concrete for barrier wall applications. The same truck mounted Agitor can also be used in mainline concrete paving, providing the contractor with ultimate versatility.

Airport Paving

The Maxon Agitor can discharge up to 12 cubic yards of concrete in 20 seconds to a belt placer. Or, direct to grade through chutes, offering contractors the speed they get with dump trucks, and the control of placement they get with transit mixers.

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