REMIX Surge Hoppers: Bridges

The Maxon Maxcrete is an open top concrete remix surge hopper. The Maxcrete is the only ASTM/ACI rated concrete remixer that offers the features of fast loading, fast discharge and complete remix capabilities. The Maxcrete can be barge mounted, skid mounted, mounted directly under a concrete plant or in front of a concrete pump.

REMIX Surge Hoppers: Off-Shore

In addition to bridge construction, the Maxcrete remix surge hoppers are ideal for handling concrete on off-shore tunnel projects, oil platforms, docks, dams and other civil applications. The Maxcrete can accept concrete from any transporter including ready- mix trucks, Maxon Agitors, concrete buckets or conveyors.

Concrete Transporters

The Maxon Agitor has been used extensively on off-shore concrete placing applications. Each Agitor can haul up to 15 cubic yards of concrete (Larger Units are also available). Multiple units mounted on one barge offer contractors flexibility in transporting and placing quality concrete off-shore.

Concrete Transporters

With placing chutes the Maxon Agitor can place concrete directly to pour, into the hopper of a concrete pump, into a bucket, onto a belt, or into a Maxon Maxcrete Remix Surge Hopper. The open top and hoist body provide for fast loading, and ultra fast discharge (as fast as 15 cubic yards in less than 30 seconds).

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