Pharmaceutical Waste Processing

Complete systems for guaranteed safe disposal of unusable pharmaceutical products.
Maxpro SPU from Maxon combines granulation with solidification.
Encapsulated tablets/pills/capsules rendered into inert form for landfill.
Lowest cost pharmaceutical disposal unit.

Waste Solidification

The first and best known Soil Stabilizer in the world, the Seaman Travel Mixer has been around since the 1940’s. The Travel Mixer offers increased horsepower, greater mixing depth and improved performance from past models. Capable of mixing to 12” depths, the Travel Mixer offers a competitively priced soil stabilizer ideal for contractors, municipalities, state, governmental and military agencies for onsite mixing of sub-base materials.

Unit shown at left: At Jobear/Warden Construction in Florida, parking lot sub-base stabilization.

Waste Encapsulation

Maxon Maxcrete and Agitor process continuous stream of sludge at PVC Plastics plant.
High PH concentration waste stream is fed into Agitor with cement, blended and then discharged into high speed Maxcrete for final mixing and discharge.
System set up with loadcells and auto batch system for reduced manpower requirements.

Hazardous Waste Solidification Applications

Two Maxon Skid Mounted Mini-Maxcrete’s installed in temporary building to process radioactive contaminated waste streams.
Mixers equipped with dust recovery system.Both mixers remotely controlled from environmentally sealed operators station located adjacent to building.
These Mini-Maxcretes are equipped with specially sealed agitators and discharge gates to control radioactive liquids from escaping.

10 Cubic Yard Maxcrete Pugmill Mixer

The Maxcrete is an open top pugmill style paddle mixer. The bi-rotational agitator shaft insures a quality mix, and assists in ultra-fast discharge. The Maxcrete is also equipped with hoist cylinders for assistance with clean-out, body vibrators, environmental covers to capture dust and a variable position hydraulically operated gate to control discharge.
Unit shown at left: Processing contaminated soils stabilized with cement prior to disposal at landfill, set up inside temporary building.

2 Cubic Yard Mini-Maxcrete Pugmill Mixer

Stabilize and solidify small quantities of liquid, sludge and contaminated waste prior to disposal in landfills.
Discharge direct to roll-off boxes.
Available with covers and dust recovery systems.
Skid or trailer mounted.
2 to 10 cubic yard capacity.
Electric or diesel drive.

Fixed Installation Systems

In-plant operation allows liquids to be pumped in directly, or sludge and solids loaded from top.
Process up to 10 cubic yards of liquid or sludge per batch.
Unit shown mounted on platform for elevated discharge.
Hydraulically operated gate to control discharge.
Bi-rotational agitator shaft for efficient mixing.

Trailer Mounted Solidification Systems

44’ long trailer complete with cement silo, 10 cu yd. Maxon Maxcrete, generator, compressor, loadcells and system processor.
Optional discharge radial stacking discharge conveyor (not shown).System processes up to 300 cu yds per hour.

Inside The Mixer

The Maxon Mixers offer unique features including open top configurations for easy access and loading.
The paddle agitator design combined with direct drive planetary gearboxes and hydrostatic motors allow the mixers to match speed and performance to almost any application.
Unit shown at left: With cover open, mixing paint sludge with cement prior to discharge. All free liquids are stabilized.

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